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An indispensable weapon in the Audio Surveillance armoury is the multi-talented primary production engine Marval. With fundamental expertise in a varied range of areas, his sound engineering skills and diverse musical experience provide invaluable mentoring worth to the formidable and escalating fusion of artists on Audio Surveillance, as well as upcoming music label Clear Cut Entertainment.
A standalone Grime Guru in his own right, Marval’s knowledge of the evolving urban genres is clear from the prevalent and highly acclaimed Marval Podcast. With his ear firmly pressed to the sound, his capacity to write, produce and enrich the AUSV offering is immeasurable and this tenacious South London entity will continue to play an intrinsic role in the ascendency of Audio Surveillance. The first single production of Upset featuring Benjamin A.D & Rax), is ice-box evidence of Marval’s audio excellence and will undoubtedly demand attention from those greedy for more of his beat encrusted bullion.


AUSV0001 Marval - Upset
Artist - Marval
Title - Upset
CAT - AUSV0001
Tracks - 5
Release Date - 29/03/2010

News From Marval

SoundCloud - Black

Marval and Drapez will be officially representing Audio Surveillance at the SoundCloud meetup in London. We have uploaded a load of new previews to our soundcloud page to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy!